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The SoCal Piano Academy offers high quality music education in a supportive environment, catering to students of all ages. Our program incorporates a contemporary and captivating approach, featuring a diverse repertoire ranging from Mozart to Lady Gaga, Mario Brothers to the music of Star Wars. At every stage, we aim to provide all students with the opportunity to experience joy and a fulfilling sense of achievement in their musical journey.

“We are passionate about youth empowerment through music. It’s a transformative journey that combines creativity, self-expression, collaboration, and well-being. Our workshops in piano and music creation provide a dynamic and fun way for kids to develop a sense of accomplishment and a healthy, balanced lifestyle through music. We encourage diverse approaches and collaborative efforts, allowing students of all ages to express themselves and fostering a sense of community. Ultimately, our aim is to empower all students to lead fulfilling lives through the discovery of music.”

L. Robinson & E. Fratianni, founders

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tel: (805) 770-7942

email: info@SocalPianoAcademy.com