The Southern California Piano Academy celebrates  a combined 80 years teaching experience on two continents, in four languages and have helped guide hundreds of musicians and musical families. Our piano instructor’s professional experience is carried forward with everyone of our students.

Our Piano School is open to music students of all ages and levels, beginning to advanced. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of music education, tailoring instruction to meet the goals and aspirations of each individual student.

We believe…

…That a well-rounded music education provides engagement for proficiency of the fundamentals of the language…Music theory, technique studies, repertoire, applied harmony, historical context, playing “by ear,” sight-reading, repertoire and ensemble work. 

…That “giftedness” looks very different on each student when they have the opportunity to explore their version of it. That people learn and master disciplines at varying stages and levels, and that teaching a curriculum in “lock-step” can be limiting or preemptive to advancement in some students. 

…In ecumenical access to quality music education for all children and adults who display an interest in pursuing their own talents, regardless of genre, level, competitive inclination or ease of learning on an instrument. 

…That students bring both, unique talents and struggles, to the learning process and it is to their benefit to maximize their natural skills foremost when building a foundation. 

…In Parent support, to assist the “modern American parent” –who more often than not,  has no previous musical experience– to best support their child’s musical development. 

…That not all music education leads to a professional career in music, but ALL music education can become the foundation for a lifetime of confidence, self-efficacy, improved interactive communication,  intellectual processing, sensory and motor planning, artistic satisfaction and awareness, empathy and lifelong community.