Laurie Robinson – Director

Billboard Top Ten Composer and Vocalist, Laurie Robinson is a graduate Cum Laude of the University of Arizona in piano and composition where she was a student of renowned American neo-classical composer, Robert Muszinsky and noted pedagogue and Liszt scholar, Ozan Marsh.

During her last 18 years as a private instructor, Laurie has educated hundreds of children and adults, becoming involved in the musical development of numerous families. Laurie’s teaching philosophy recognizes the student’s necessity to gain a level of accomplishment very early on, and adapts to the natural abilities that each student brings. Understanding that in both children and adults, all students can innately play some music by ear, understand the geography of the instrument, harmony and a simple reading of the musical language.

Demystifying this musical process is the basis for her developing a unique and extremely effective piano method upon which her students thrive. In addition to providing a modified comprehensive piano method or a very traditional European classical education, Laurie also coaches aspiring songwriters to achieve their goals at the piano and in lyric writing, as well as theory and harmony for professional musicians.

Besides being an educator, Laurie Robinson is a published composer, songwriter and vocalist. Her compositions have been performed by renowned ensembles such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic, London Philharmonic Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, Houston Symphony Orchestra and the National Symphony Orchestra. Laurie Robinson has performed twice as a featured solo soprano at the Hollywood Bowl with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and has been featured at the Kennedy Center For Performing Arts in Washington D.C., with the National Symphony Orchestra. Laurie Robinson is teaching piano also at our Santa Barbara / Goleta studio.

Emmanuel Fratianni – Director

Born and raised in Switzerland. Emmanuel Fratianni is a former tenured professor of the Montreux Jazz School. Conductor, pianist and composer,  he has guest conducted around the world and in the US  prestigious ensembles such as The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, the National Symphony Orchestra, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra to name a few. Emmanuel is an active member of the film and video games industry.

In his 30 years of experience as an educator Mo. Fratianni has developed a “to the point” teaching method for beginners and advanced students. In addition to a traditional jazz curriculum, Mo. Fratianni offers his students an in-depth approach to the study of blues, pop, composition and conducting.

As a pianist and composer Emmanuel Fratianni has performed extensively in Europe and in the US. In 1995 with a commission by the City of Montreux, Emmanuel made his orchestral debut at Stravinsky Auditorium with the Ensemble Orchestral de la Riviera. Since living in Los Angeles, Emmanuel’s musical career has expanded to include composing and conducting for film, TV and video games. He has worked for 5 seasons as an orchestrator and additional music composer on the courtroom drama series “JAG” and has recorded on all the major scoring stages in Los Angeles.

Emmanuel Fratianni’s concert work has been performed or recorded so far by renowned American orchestras such as the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Houston Symphony Orchestra. Emmanuel Fratianni is teaching piano, composition and conducting also at our Santa Barbara / Goleta studio.

George Ramirez

Is an accomplished Symphonic, Choral, Musical Theater Pianist, and Professional Accompanist. He is currently pianist in residence with the Pasadena Community Orchestra where he also assists its music director as rehearsal conductor.  His many competition awards include first prize winner in the Bradshaw & Buono International Competition in New York and performance at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall.

Born in Manilla and raised in Los Angeles, George began the study of Piano at the young age of nine. He brings to his students the musical expertise of his professional work as well as the pedagogical lineage of his years of private instruction. He is a composition student of Bruce Reich, (former student of Penderecki) piano student of Konstantin Sirounian and conducting student of Ken Kiesler. When not publicly performing, George has become a veteran educator, having taught music and enriching the lives of children and adults for over 20 years in Los Angeles.

Sarah Ann Palma

Sarah Palma is a pianist and piano instructor based in Los Angeles, CA. She is a graduate from California State University, Northridge in Piano Performance. In addition to performing solo and collaborating with chamber ensembles, she is passionate about Piano Pedagogy. Her interest began after taking a Piano Pedagogy course at CSUN where she received the Piano Pedagogy Award and scholarship for two consecutive school years. She plans to continue her education and pursue a Masters Degree in Piano Performance with emphasis on Piano Pedagogy. It is important to her that both piano and music education are approached with fresh ideas and methods.

Mahlon Berv

Mahlon completed a Master’s in Composition for Screen at the Royal College of Music in London and a Bachelor of Science in Composition and Philosophy with a piano concentration at the Jacobs School of Music. He studied composition with Sven-David Sandström, Howard Davidson, Don Freund, Claude Baker and piano with Oxana Yablonskaya and Luba Dubinsky.

Mahlon has a genuine passion for teaching students of all ages and experience, his approach to teaching covers primary knowledge of the fundamentals, music theory, piano hand technique and proper posture. His lessons consist of repertoire chosen from the student’s favorite music as well as the classical canon. He teaches a broad repertoire, from Beethoven and Bach as well as Scott Joplin, Film Music, Pop and Rock styles.

Mahlon won Best Score at the Los Angeles Film Awards 2019 and was featured in Vogue and Forbes Magazine, he was a Dean’s Award Scholar at Indiana University and New York Art Ensemble Emerging Composer in 2011.  In 2016 he composed and produced a cutting edge opera – Puck that was premiered at the Royal College of Music.

Giovanna Gattuso

Renowned Italian vocal coach, Giovanna Gattuso holds classes & workshops via Distance Learning in Italy, Canada and the US teaching her ground breaking vocal system, “The CROSSOVER SINGING METHOD“. Giovanna has over 20 years of experience teaching and coaching singers of all ages and backgrounds in all style including jazz, pop, rock, classical.  The Crossover Singing Method is the first Certified Teaching Method in Italy and the book CROSSOVER SINGING METHOD, published in 2005 in Italian and English is among the Top 5 Best Selling Italian Vocal/Singing Method.

Giovanna Gattuso is the founder of the Venice Voice Academy, located in Venice, CA where she has been hosting and directing vocal workshops for the past 15 years.  Guest speakers to her workshops have included musicians, songwriters, vocalists, actors in the Los Angeles area such as  Oscar winner Andrea Morricone, Hollywood star Rebecca De Mornay, Simpsons composer Alf Clausen, Golden Globe winner Carlo Siliotto and APM president Adam Taylor. Along with her teaching and performing, Giovanna Gattuso is very much in demand as a choral director and conductor working with choirs and orchestras worldwide. She is often called to prepare children choir and conduct their performance along with symphony orchestras, making her a very respected educator and leader in choral music.