Congratulations To Our Students and Teachers
On Their Latest Musical Achievements
Extremely Difficult To Achieve, And Very Well Earned! Bravo!

Heather R, High School Junior:  Accepted to the 2012 Grammy (NARAS) Musicians’ Summer Camp as well as the NYU Summer Institute of Music Technology, at the Steinhart School, with scholarship.

Isabel W., High School Junior: Accepted to the 2012 CalArts Summer Music Program with scholarship.

Laurie Robinson, Emmanuel Fratianni, School Directors: Debuted on the Billboard Top-10, Classical/Crossover Chart, for their compositions recorded by the London Phiharmonic, “World greatest Video Game Music.”

Abby B., Accepted as incoming freshman to the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA)

Laurie Robinson and Emmanuel Fratianni, School Directors:  Recorded by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, for the album “The Greatest Video Game Music.”

Abbi Berry, Age 11: Accepted into the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus (LACC) advanced concert ensemble

Rio Wilson, Age 12: Accepted into the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus (LACC) Young Men’s Ensemble

Heather Rivas, Age 13:  Accepted to the single position available for the Jazz Piano Major at Los Angeles High School for the Arts (LACHSA)

James Knapp, Age 16: Accepted as a transferring Junior to the Classical Piano Major at Los Angeles High School for the Arts (LACHSA)

Alex Arntzen, Age 18: Awarded full academic scholarship, for Major in Music Composition at both Carnegie Mellon University and Berklee College of Music in Boston

Sean Kessler, Age 18: Accepted for Major in Music Composition, Peabody Conservatory

Ethan Braun, our former teacher:  Awarded full academic scholarship for his Master’s in Music Composition, Peabody Conservatory

Marc Cote, adult student and independent recording artist:  On the release of first album, music video and contract with Delta Airlines as in-flight music artist

Laurie Robinson & Emmanuel Fratianni, School directors: Recorded by London Philharmonic Orchestra, title track on the new release The Greatest Video Game Music

Emmanuel Fratianni, School director:  Named Music Director and Principal Conductor of the international symphonic concert series-Video Games Live

Laurie Robinson, School director: Featured as a soloist on the PBS special with the New Orleans Philharmonic Orchestra. Also celebrated 57 weeks on the Billboard Classical/Crossover Chart with her composition and soloist performance on the EMI Classics release, Video Games Live, Vol. I