Protocol for Corona Virus and Flu Season 2020

Our number one priority is always the health and safety of our families and instructors. We know that many of you may have concerns about lessons given the Coronavirus situation. So we want you to know that we are closely monitoring and adhere to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and local health authorities to keep students, families and our staff, safe and healthy. 

We have instituted the recommended precautions. Please take a moment to read, prepare and please always give a ring to the directors, should you have any questions!

  1. Always–Wash Your Hands and get under your fingernails too. 

The water in the restrooms tends to run very cold for little hands, so you can always use our supply of handy wipes first thing when you walk into the studio if you prefer.  

  1. All Surfaces Are Disinfected…All… the… Time.

Before lessons, after lessons and in between students, all hard surfaces are disinfected:
Piano keys, pens, music racks, metronomes, door handles, etc. 

  1. Sorry, no sick people allowed, but we do have Remote Lessons!

We will surely ask ALL sniffly, cough-ly, feverish kids, or their grown-ups or siblings, to leave the school.   

However! If you think you need to stay home, just call us the night before, so we can see you at your regularly scheduled lesson by Skype.  

  1. If you sneeze or need to rub your eyes or nose, as all kids do: 

Please use our tissues and place in trash bin immediately. Of course, we will do the same.

  1. When all else fails…   We have teleconference lessons! 

For years now, we have been teaching lessons across the globe by Skype. So we’re already prepared, and we’ll keep teaching anyone who needs to stay home. Just give the head’s up to the school directors the day before, and we’ll be sure to get everything set up for you in the studio for your regularly scheduled lesson time.