Our Philosophy

Often times children ages 4 to 6 have very tiny hands, making it difficult to manage the geography and weight of the piano keyboard. Or perhaps a parent is interested in exploring their child’s musical ability at an early age without the practice demands of private lessons. Historically speaking, students who start in this age group are primed to develop advanced skills in reading, finger technique, ear-training and musicianship with earlier entry into private instruction.

Curriculum Description

Younger children learn the fundamentals of the musical language in a fun and playful environment, while participating in small group music lessons.

What we learn through vocalization, repetition, games, and parent-child interaction:

  • Introduction to playing on the keyboard
  • Singing
  • Solfeggio (do-re-mi)
  • Early musical notation
  • Early rhythmic patterns
  • Develop attention span or instructional focus required in private music lessons
  • Upon completion, children can expect to be prepared for next level or advanced entrance into private lessons on piano or other instruments by the age of 6 or older. Younger children are invited to repeat the course until prepared to continue to the proceeding level or private lesson




4 to 5: Pre-School Piano & Music Enrichment

Immerse your little ones in the joy of music, as they naturally absorb the fundamentals of the musical language in a fun, relaxed environment with caregiver.

Melody/Harmony, singing, solfege, rhythm, music notation and keyboard technique for tiny fingers! Small group classes holds up to 6 children (plus caregiver), and registration is available first come first served.


Ages 5 to 6: Kindergarten Piano & Music Enrichment

No need to wait until your child is old enough to manage a longer private music lesson–Transition Kinders and Kindergarteners can learn as much as older kids and have fun absorbing mountains of musical information:

Melody/harmony, singing, solfege, rhythm, reading/notation and keyboard technique for smaller fingers! A small keyboard for practicing at home and class curriculum is required for each class.

Contact us for information about class availability and schedule