Guitar Instruction

After much request from our students, we are very happy to announce that we have found a wonderful teacher of Guitar Instructor for beginning and advanced students at our school.

While it is a comprehensive program, the curriculum is designed to get students PLAYING!! Have fun, learn the instrument and prepare their little selves for summers of rock camp and garage bands!

Alan Malonau is a veteran guitar educator, former piano student of ours at the school and really nice person. He specializes in guitar education for children and adult beginners. The curriculum is comprehensive, including theory, chords, reading, technique etc., with the emphasis on  playing music and having fun!

It is also a great program for adult beginners or songwriters and music producers, who want to get more proficient at accompanying themselves on the guitar–as the instructor tailors the content to the needs of the individual students.

Please call or email the school to set up a lesson time. All ages are welcome.