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Music Education   &   Data Science Candidates 


Teachers in training- Music Educators – Classroom

NOTE: This position is a good fit for music theater majors, music education majors, music composition majors and hobbyists who love working with this age group. 

  • We train on specific music pedagogy used in this program
  • MUST love or enjoy working with children ages 4-12     (grades TK-6)
  • Have some prior experience working one-on-one with this age group (camp counselor, childcare, family members, etc.) Preference given for previous teaching experience
  • Must feel comfortable singing and basic conducting skills, or be a fast, confident learner
  • Bilingual and instrumental music competency is extremely helpful but not required
  • Background checks will be required on finalized


  • Typical accompanying skills for children’s choir, including vocal warm-ups and reading chord charts where musical scores are not available. 
  • Music feel comfortable and patient working with this age group. 
  • Have CV and personal/work references ready on request. 
  • Background checks will be required on finalized

Research Assistant/Fellow:

  • Devise a rubric for capturing, collating, evaluating and tracking measured plus anecdotal success and failures in musical, behavioral and social-emotional progress, before and after the program. Document in video, audio snippets or photographs some of the components of the program during class time. (occasional classroom attendance) Background checks will be required before entering classrooms. 
  • Background checks will be required on finalized

Dates:  Jan 2 – June 15,  2023 at a Santa Barbara Public Elementary school. (Hollister and Turnpike area)

Day options for in-classroom work instructors and accompanists:

Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday,  approx. 12:00-3:00 pm,  January 2 – Jun 13, 2023 

Contact Program Director, Laurie Robinson, Collective Music & Media Group

5266 Hollister Ave, Suite 301

Santa Barbara CA 93111

(818) 601-0875

Program participants will also receive available support from CCP, toward the process of securing single subject teaching credential in Music or classroom education, for future employment in California public school system.
Participants will be given first consideration for continuing employment including program director positions for the 2023-24 school year.
All positions require coordinating with college work-study or internship administration processes