We are happy to let you know that we are set-up for remote lessons through Skype. We have been teaching remote lessons around the world, in groups and private lessons for about 5 years now. it is fun, productive and very successful. Skype lessons are available for our local students and any new student who wants to learn music and piano.

Every instructor at the Southern California Piano Academy is invested in providing the best learning environment for our students and families.

Instructions for remote lessons are outlined below.

1. Download the Skype application on your tablet or laptop.
2. Create a Login and Skype name.
3. Once you have created a Skype name, email it to us at: info@SocalPianoAcademy.com
4. Position your device on either side of your home piano, slightly above the level of the keyboard so that your instructor can see your hands.
5. For parents of young students, during the Skype lesson, please sit next to your child to assist him/her as the instructor gives directives.
6. On the day and time of your lesson, login into Skype and wait for the instructor to call you.
7. On the day of your first lesson, take a picture of your lesson plan and music sheets, and email those pictures directly to your instructor so that they can be prepared.
8. For subsequent lessons, this is not required, your instructor will forward your lesson plan back to you.

Available Studies:

-Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Piano Lessons
-Classical Studies
-Pop, Jazz and Blues Piano
-Orchestral Conducting
-Arranging and Composition