With Giovanna Gattuso

Renowned Italian vocal coach, Giovanna Gattuso holds classes & workshops via Distance Learning in Italy, Canada and the US teaching her ground breaking vocal system, “The CROSSOVER SINGING METHOD“.

Giovanna has over 20 years of experience teaching and coaching singers of all ages and backgrounds in all style including jazz, pop, rock, classical.  

The Crossover Singing Method is the first Certified Teaching Method in Italy and the book CROSSOVER SINGING METHOD, published in 2005 in Italian and English is among the Top 5 Best Selling Italian Vocal/Singing Method.  

Giovanna Gattuso is the founder of the Venice Voice Academy, located in Venice, CA where she has been hosting and directing vocal workshops for the past 15 years.  Guest speakers to her workshops have included musicians, songwriters, vocalists, actors in the Los Angeles area such as  Oscar winner Andrea Morricone, Hollywood star Rebecca De Mornay, Simpsons composer Alf Clausen, Golden Globe winner Carlo Siliotto and APM president Adam Taylor.

Along with her teaching and performing, Giovanna Gattuso is very much in demand as a choral director and conductor working with choirs and orchestras worldwide. She is often called to prepare children choir and conduct their performance along with symphony orchestras, making her a very respected educator and leader in choral music.  

For more information about Giovanna Gattuso’ s teaching method please visit: http://GiovannaGattuso.com

To schedule lessons with Giovanna Gattuso please email our office: info@SocalPianoAcademy.com